Drupal and WordPress Development and Theming

Video Presentations & Tutorials

I presented my first conference session at the 2018 Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit in Portland and at WordCamp Vancouver in 2019. This video is long (it was a 45 minute session + Q&A), but if you are able to at least skim through it, it will give you a good feeling for the sort of work that excites and inspires me.  The slide deck can be found at https://bixgomez.com/.

Having Fun (but not too much fun) with vw and vh Units

View the video of my presentation on YouTube

I made the following videos in service to my daughter, who was working on her own web site and learning a bit of Drupal. I hope they will serve to illustrate some of the creative ways I have used views, content types, geolocation, contexts, and deltas in Drupal 7.

Opening modal windows from within a Google map


How I Built the Slideshow


The following videos illustrate the non-Drupal work I did in both design and programming in the past decade prior to my dive into Drupal. I trust that it will illustrate some of my creative problem-solving skills, regardless of platform. The overview demo features a lot of work done by others on our team, but the Theme Manager tutorials and the layout portion of the Forms Builder demo represent nearly entirely my work - there is nothing shown there that I did not program, apart from the ExtJS programming that a colleague did to place widgets into themes. I did, however, design the theme that we used for our admin interface.

i4a Overview Demo


Theme Manager Tutorial: Menu Systems


Theme Manager Tutorial: Slideshows


Forms Builder Overview


Adding, Moving, Deleting Form Elements


My life as a web developer has involved a great deal of client contact.  Here are a few short, informal videos that I made specifically for individual clients in the interest of training them on custom solutions I implemented for their use.

I hope they will give you a sense of my rapport with clients, and the ways in which I endeavor to help them understand the tools and methods I have devised for them. Please note that these videos all feature Content Manager, the CMS I built from scratch at i4a.

TAIM Special Content Tutorial


Slideshow Demo for COA


Aging Sidebars Tutorial


ASECHO Right Margin Content Demo


CFA bulleted list trickery


Thank you for having a look at these; I believe they will help you understand my programming and development skills, the relationships I build with my clients, and my creative solutions to unique problems.