Drupal and WordPress Development and Theming

Front End Web Development & Theming

I am a front end web developer/themer with over 20 years of experience, with an academic background in film production and urban design and planning. I have lived in the Seattle area since the early 90s, having migrated from Western New York to attend graduate school.

For the most recent four years, I was a front end engineer at CivicActions, a digital services firm specializing in Drupal-based government web sites. Although CivicActions is based loosely in California, their entire 40+ member team works remotely.

For over a decade prior to my time at CivicActions, I was Director of Creative Services at i4a, a web development and hosting firm based in Chicago. I wore many hats at i4a, working at various times as a project manager, software developer, and graphic designer.

My earliest coding experience was with ColdFusion and Microsoft SQL Server; I transitioned to PHP and mySQL over the course of the 2000s. At i4a, I developed a proprietary CMS, in the days before open source content management systems became widely available. Through the years I have designed innumerable web sites using Photoshop and Fireworks, and I have built them out with a variety of tools and techniques -- from the early days of old school tables through modern Sass/CSS.

Over the past decade, I have embraced the world of open source, and have expertise in both Drupal and WordPress. Whether working in Drupal or WordPress, I tend to prefer a Sass/Gulp workflow with Bourbon/Neat grids (and a dash of Flexbox). I also have experience with Zen and Susy grids, and I am starting to adopt cssGrid as my layout framework of choice.

I have also used JavaScript and jQuery throughout my life as a front end developer. In recent months I have developed a basic understanding of ReactJS; I hope to dig deeper into that library in the coming years.