Front End Drupal and WordPress Developer

Portfolio of Drupal and WordPress Work

Here are some examples of my front end work. I trust these links will broaden your understanding of who I am and what I have done in recent years:

U.S. House of Representatives

This is one of the few public-facing sites on which I worked at CivicActions: A Drupal 7 upgrade & redesign for the U.S. House of Representatives. We were provided with a new design, and I was lead themer, creating a fully responsive site via a fully custom theme.

Fezziwig Media Arts

This is my own personal business site, built in WordPress.  The theme is a fully responsive custom child theme based on Timber, a bare-bones theme that uses Upstatement's Twig rendering engine.

Starve The Snake

I was the primary themer for this Drupal 7 site, built voluntarily by CivicActions within a two weeks for the Seeding Sovereignty Project, a non profit organization founded at the Standing Rock Reservation to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Mysterious Face

I designed and developed this site in Drupal 8 to promote the album I recently released with my band, Mysterious Face. It's a simple site, but I am particularly proud of its responsiveness, and of my use of viewport units, cssGrid, and Flexbox.

Dean Sluyter, speaker and author

Probably the earliest site I designed that is still in production, Dean's presence on the web started out as a pure HTML site, and went through phases in ColdFusion and Drupal 7 before settling into its life as a WordPress site about two years ago.


At CivicActions, I was either lead or sole front end developer/themer on a number of federal and local government web sites. Unfortunately, many of these, such as GlobalNET, are password protected or intranets. I worked on GlobalNET for nearly two years, from initial UX design, through site building and theming phases. It is a fully responsive Drupal 7 site (based on he Zen base theme, and using Zen grids) with which I am proud to have been involved.

MTA Countdown Clocks article about the clocks

CivicActions partnered with Acquia to deliver the first new countdown clocks in decades for the New York City Subway. I was instrumental in providing pixel-perfect theming for signs of different dimensions, taking great pains to ensure historical accuracy and legibility. I used a combination of viewport units and flexbox in my Sass, and learned quite a bit of ReactJS in the process.

Junk Drawer Photos

I designed this site to promote my series of junk drawer photos, a project on which I have been working since 2003. This site is pure PHP/HTML/CSS, and makes extensive use of jQuery, in particular the "coda-slider" plugin.