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Viewport Breakpoint Font Sizer

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This is a Sass function I wrote to facilitate predictable viewport-based font sizes.

I wrote it to accompany my conference session on viewport units. 

It uses simple math to calculate what combination of settings would give us the font size we desire at a specific "threshold" breakpoint above which (and below which) we want the font size to increase at specific (and different) rates.

Experience it in action on CodePen!

Smart Dropcaps with JavaScript & jQuery

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This is a simple but powerful (and fun) JavaScript+jQuery dropcaps solution. It uses a combination of js and css to render a drop cap at the start of the first child paragraph of a given div class (or id). The letter will span a specified number or rows precisely, and will resize according to font size and line height.

Rainier Atlantic Neighborhood

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I designed and built this interface in 2003 as part of my graduate thesis in Urban Planning at the University of Washington. It is a JavaScript-based tool for comparing historical maps of a specific neighborhood in Seattle, to facilitate  analysis of change in the landscape over time.

I am currently in the process of expanding its functionality, including incorporating Google Maps.

Weather Forecast Tech Challenge


Please note: Due to recent changes in the API, only the downloadable version is currently functional.

I built this single page application in response to a tech challenge. The challenge was to use one or more APIs available from openweathermap.org to display the current conditions and a 5-day forecast for any city entered in the search. 

To review the code I wrote, please download this zip file.

Gilbert01 Drupal 8 Theme

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This is a base theme I built for my own portfolio site at http://richardgilbert.co.

It's a simple Drupal 8 theme, reasonably responsive, making use of viewport units to yield text that should be readable on most any size screen.

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